Pests have many reasons to find their way into your home. Whether for accessible food in your kitchen, or warmth during the cold months, insects and rodents will attempt to enter your home. Problems caused by unwanted pests can include structural damage, personal property damage, and even disease. At Anderson Pest Solutions, our primary goal is to help you to feel secure and safe in your home.


Being faced with pest problems or an infestation is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, pests of all kinds—including spiders, rats, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and more—can find their way inside of homes for a number of reasons. Some of the main reasons why you may find yourself with pests inside include:

  1. Entry points: If you have cracks or crevices in the very structure of your home, you are providing easy access to rodents and pests of all kinds.
  2. Food: A messy home in general is appealing to pests, but leaving out food or crumbs will attract insects and pests of all types.
  3. Moisture problems: Excess moisture or humidity caused by faulty pipes is appealing to many kinds of insects.
  4. Seasonal shifts: During the winter, pests will attempt to access your home to seek warmth. In the spring or summer, the sheer abundance of insects will lead to more infestations.