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Cockroach Control

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Termite Pest Control

Termite cause severe damage to houses, factories and rest of the structures,

Rat & Rodent

Most rodents are small animals with robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails.

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Welcome to
Expert Fumigation

Expert Fumigation is providing comprehensive public health and structural pest control services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors both at public and private levels. Our team includes highly technical, professionally qualified, and experienced members. Equipped with the latest technologies.

We are committed to ensuring your home and business remains free from pests, our team of expert and well-trained pest control technicians ensures optimal and clean surroundings for you and your family. We provide effective and complete pest control and extermination solutions to a variety of common residential and commercial pest-related issues, for both indoor and outdoor






Fumigation is a specific treatment wherein various machines are brought under use to control all types of flying and crawling pests, both inside and outside the premises. Rodent control is another dimension of pest management. Trijet fogger, thermal fog generator, solo pumps and knapsack sprayers are some of the fundamental machines used in this process.


Expert Fumigation have the latest fumigation equipment. That means if you have an issue we can deal with it fast, safe and reliably. Expert Fumigation have seen it all. So put us to the test and when you next need your house, business or shipping containers fumigated call Expert Fumigation.


Our services target all kinds of pests. Expert Fumigation has been serving residential and commercial customers since Last few Years, as well as in Karachi and All over the Pakistan. Such as Termite Proofing Treatment, General Fumigation, Rodent / Rats Treatment, Wood Borer Treatment, Mosquitoes Treatment, Cockroach Treatment, Lawn & Garden Spray, Bedbugs Treatment and Water Tank Cleaning and other common pests control Services. You might have noticed that when you try to remove their colonies on your own, they appearance again in a few days. Such is the case especially with termites.

Why Choose Us

We Provide Top Quality Pest Control Services in Pakistan

Fast Pest Removal

With help of highly qualified and skilled team and using quality pest control products, we can get rid of pests very quickly

One-Time Extermination

If you want the most price effective and long term method for all of your pest control requirements, ask about our One-Time Extermination

Eco Friendly Technogies

We use only Eco and environment friendly products to make sure it does not have negative impact on environment.

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